About a Ciara.

 A pretty average 20-something Londoner (if Twickenham counts, which according to people in Twickenham, it does) with a penchant for wine and photography (but whilst also not trying to be pretentious about it?).

A lover of music, film, TV, fashion, art and a good Netflix binge.

Also, cats.

Hello, and welcome! 


If you’ve found your way to this website through the wilderness of the internet you could be one of three options;


A. You’re a mid-sized woman (for those who don’t know, that’s an average sized gal. Size 12-16 UK) whose looking for styling advice, fashion inspiration and want to see someone more like them in their feed or online, because I sure noticed there was a distinct lack of it.

B. You’re a millennial who wants to talk about some of the many issues we’re facing in society today. From being dissed by boomers to the non-existent job market, privilege, rights and equality and the bloody outrageous prices of living in London. £6 for a pint? Out of your mind! I’ll take two please and cry at my overdraft the next morning.

C. You’re a bot

I’m kidding about the last one, of course. But, as you may have already gleamed, this is my blog. My slice of the internet to chat about whatever we fancy, from florals and midi dresses to feminism and the wealth gap. When I started this baby, in March 2019, I specifically didn’t label myself and this blog as any specific theme (which is quite a risky thing to do!) as I want to, and have spoken about so much. From lifestyle pieces about how best to live in London, to fashion picks, where I use my day job as stylist to give tips on how to wear things as an average-sized lady, to female empowerment, to book reviews, to so much more. I hope you enjoy our journey together, through the highs and lows of modern life. 


Now, a bit about me. I swear, I usually don’t like writing about myself, in this sense, but it is the about me section. So, here goes…


A bit about me, in flashy headlines!


My name is Ciara

pronounced Key-ra, like Keira Knightley but better


23 years old

still trying to figure out how that’s a good thing but I think I’m getting there. Constantly stuck between wanting to be 19 again and wanting to be 30, flirty and thriving

I'm a Stylist and Writer

I love my job as stylist, empowering other women and giving them confidence through transforming the way they think about themselves. Writing is a true passion of mine and I've been doing it since I was 12, writing shitty novellas. Now, I like to think my writing style has evolved, but my sense of humour has not.

Obsessive over pretty things

Clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes, home décor. You name it, if it’s velvet or leopard print, I’ve probably added it to my shopping cart, checked my bank balance then cried softly and closed

the tab

Nerd and geek

Yes, I wrote fanfiction and ran a pretty famous tumblog… I’m mature now. I’m an adult. Kind of. On the council tax form, I guess


Feminist and activist

All people are equal. Fight me, I dare you


I grew up all over the world

And boy, do I have some stories to tell


I have an amazing group of fierce female friends

Who I love to bits


Incredibly witty

(sarcastic with a touch of self-deprecation)


Mental Health is, and always will be, a big issue for me.

But I'm coming to terms with living with it. More on that, too.



Well, I think I’ve just about scratched the surface. Any questions, please feel free to ask!


Created by Ciara Loane.

London-based writer and stylist.