10 of my Favourite Things from ASOS This Season

Hey poppets!

So, as you may or may not be aware (definitely aware if you are vaguely aware of the clothes I wear), I shop A LOT on ASOS. I mean, a lot. For me, it's a great way of browsing so many different types of clothing, shoes and accessories at your own time and leisure- be it at 4am whilst drunk in bed, or on your lunch break at work (I do both. Don't judge me.).

I've done quite a bit of winter shopping recently and I thought I'd share with you my fave finds! I've bought all of these and have worn both, so I can assure you they are fantastic in terms of both 1) style 2) quality. I put my clothes through the WARS. I mean, 20,000 steps a day at work, I'm a messy eater and I do at least two 'things' a day, everyday- I very rarely have a day where I'm doing nothing, and these clothes (and others!) have proven they're up to the challenge of keeping up with not only me, but also my questionable washing machine!

An essential in my wardrobe for taking me from 'tired' to 'Disney Princess' (I'm not kidding, I've gained that nickname in work from wearing headbands such as these), this headband it perfect for adding glamour to any fit.

This jumper is an absolute essential in any winter wardrobe; perfect for matching with midi skirts or layering on top of pretty dresses in the colder months. I love it because it's so comfy, and the fabrics so soft!

Ah, a midi skirt. These basically make up 75% of my wardrobe, and I'm falling further and further in love with the longer-lengthed ones- they look great with boots and are so nice and floaty too! I love the pattern and waist detail on this one, as you don't need to add a belt to complete the fit!

THE MOST PERFECT T-SHIRT! An absolute staple in anyone's wardrobe. Comes in black too and I have both (I wear L for a slightly baggy fit!). Tuck into a midi skirt or with jeans, or under a strappy dress too! 'Nuff said.

So, feeling a bit gross from my period, I thought I needed to feel sexy again, and found this set and fell in love and literally bought it about 30 seconds after I first spied it. And, when I first opened the package, I thought 'Wow, this is tacky' but trying it on, I felt glamorous and yes, even a little bit sexy! There really is no feeling like wearing a sexy and feminine lingerie set under your clothes- a truly empowering experience.

Midi skirts. Ah, I love them. This one? OBSESSED. It's gorgeous and long (almost ankle length on me but not quite) and so soft- not a tacky satin, more smooth and sleek. Because it's black and white it can be worn with most things and teamed with more colour on top too!

Okay so confession time, I may have lost the top one in this image already, but this multipack is such a staple in A/W wardrobes. You can layer and wear as many you want at once (I go for two or three, P said four was a bit excessive? Me? Excess? Never.) and because of the different colours and textures they go with most, if not all, outfits!

I LITERALLY cannot count the amount of compliments I've had from this coat. 'Wow!' 'I love your coat!' 'That's such a bright coat!'. I. Love. It. It's the perfect winter coat as it's SO cozy and SO warm and SO soft and SO long. One thing I really don't like is short winter coats, that are shorter than my midi skirts and dresses, and this one is the perfect length on me (I'm 5ft 5 and it's below my calves)!

Another headband staple, this one is less of a statement but still has major Disney Princess vibes- the black velvet of it means it goes with everything! Really comfy (I've had a few in my time that make my temples ache after a while) and gorgeous and luxurious.

I love this bag! Whenever I go to work, or out and about, I take a tatty tote bag because a) it's going to get very well used, travelling all over London and beyond, on the tube and streets and buses and trains and b) it holds everything I need. Despite this, I still love a cute little handbag and this one does the ticket! I love the 70s handles and thin strap, and it's actually deceivingly big! I can fit my book at the moment AND umbrella in it too!

So there we have it! I have an addiction to online shopping! Please help me!

At least I look pretty fab when I do it.

C x

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