5 of My Favourite TV Shows to Binge Watch

Well, I think it's pretty obvious if you watch my instagram stories or know me irl that I watch and binge-watch a hella lot of TV. Like, astronomical amounts. I can't help it! I must always have something going on in the background (Friends is preference of choice for Nata and I if we're working at the same time) or have a TV seriees going on to keep me entertained in the evening, whilst relaxing or blogging. It's great that we live in a day and age where fantastic content is being produced regularly; no-one can deny the TV that is being produced now is literally miles better than that of 20 or even 30 years ago. And these are a few of my faves, sorted by whatever mood you're in. Because we all know 'what are you in the mood for?' Is possibly the most loaded question you could ask anyone. Ever.

If you want...

... Tears and Laughter (and Horror)

Inside Number Nine

Avaliable on Netflix

My favourite TV show ever, this anthology series explores a series of Number Nines, in which murder, mystery, intrigue, crime, tears, love, heartbreak and horror all partake. A star-studded cast with a completely new, unrelated story every episode make this easy to digest in bite-size chunks (also perfect for a commute on the weekday... sorry for reminding you of the impending doom come Monday!) and also allows you to watch them in any order you want. They could also literally not be more different from each other, some absolute horrors, some so funny you cry laughing and others harrowing, but all have amazing twists and turns which will keep you second guessing the TV show and questioning the reality you live in.

... Nostalgia


Avaliable on Netflix

Ahhh, the naughties. The very first season of this show exhibited a number of nostalgia-inducing background props, including but not limited to; teletext, old mobiles and questionable fashion from the nuaghites. Now, putting that nostalgia factor aside (We all used to watch it when we were younger!) this is actually a really wholesome sitcom about two parents trying to navigate parenting three kids, all with thier own 'talents' as some would say. Prepare to laugh out loud, cringe and go 'ahhh' at the misadventures of the Brockman family.

... To be Addicted


Avaliable on BBC Iplayer

Christ on a bike. I have literally never related to a TV show character like I've related to Fleabag. She is gross, unkind, funny, sarcastic, self-centered and most of all honest. As the viewer we are let into her world, mind and inner-thoughts, the kind we would seldom share with best friends and relationships, let alone the world! Yet, as her 'imaginary friend' (as Pheobe Waller-Bridge, the woman taking the world by storm, calls it) we see her world, her controlling but sympathetic sister, overbearing step-mother and troubled best friends, all through her own eyes. I have laughed so hard I've cried, actually cried and just generally been obsessed with it since it first came out.

... To Laugh

The Good Place

Avaliable on Netflix

This show is forking fantastic! Imagine when we die, there are two places to go, The Good Place and The Bad Place. The Good Place is for only the top 1% of people who have ever lived on Earth, and somehow Eleanor Shellstrop, a tequila-drinking, ratchet Pheonix, Arizona girl finds herself there, surrounded by all the best people who lived and no idea how to stay there, or figure out what is going on. With the help of Chidi, an ethics and morals professor and others like Jason, a silent monk and Tahani, a beautiful socialite and influencer, she might just figure out what the fork is going on. Think surrealist humour, lots of laughs and ridiculous things that you cannot possibly even fathom.

... A Good Ol' Police Drama

Line of Duty

Avaliable on Netflix & BBC Iplayer

Where to begin? I previously wrote a blog post on this one, waaaay back in May. I think the summaries alright, so here it is.

'Feels like I’m quite late on this one, as everyone in the dining room at work is always chatting about it (with me with my hands over my ears shouting ‘NO SPOILERS!’) and it’s all over the screen. But I have binged almost all of it over the past month and let me tell you, it’s bloody amazing. From Sgt. Hastings’ sarcastic and sassy iconic remarks (‘got you a pint of that cats piss you young fellas drink’ being amongst my favourite) to the gripping and binge-worthy storyline that keeps on twisting and turning at every point. Well worth a watch if you need a new drama to keep you going. One of the only series where I can’t actually guess the ending- Mercurio, you are a genius.'

Back to present me. This show is bloody genius; you'll be guessing and blaming and freaking out over every police officer on screen and it is full of fantastic actors and acting, as well as enough jump-scares for a lazy weekday bingeing.

PS. Here’s an article with analysis of Hastings’ speech for anyone who was wondering (including how many times he says ‘Mother of God’ and ‘fella’) - I know you all were… and here’s the best new track to drop this side of 2000- titled ‘One Thing’ by Ted ‘like the battle’ Hastings.

So... what are you waiting for? Go and binge!

C x

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