A Silly List of Things I Miss Most

As it states in the title, I'm simply putting out there a list of things I'm missing the most during this lockdown. Yes, I think it's made us all really take stock of what we have and had before, and what we are really, really missing. As boredom and fear take hold of us, I feel like not reminiscing about the past and when you had these things, but looking to the future to when you will experience them again and appreciate them more will help provide a bit of escapism in these trying times.

So here they are!

-Charity Shopping

-An ice cold pint in a pub garden, on a sunny afternoon

-Long bus rides

-The Tube (not at rush hour though)

-People watching

-Going to a cafe to do work

-My job

-My colleagues

-Fresh flowers

-Shopping in general

-Date nights with P

-Restaurants in general. Specifically small, family owned places with amazing food.

-Getting dressed up and going out

-Going out-out

-Going to a friend's for dinner

-Spending time with my friends

-Spending time with my little cousins (basically my younger siblings)

-Walking through central London


-Bars. So many bars.

-Hampstead Heath

-The Ladies Pond

-Museums and just wandering for hours (the V and A, IWM, the Tates and the Design Museum especially)


So there we have it, my slices of normality. What are yours? What do you miss?

C x

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