... And 16 Things I Hope To Do in 2020

I don't really like New Years Resolutions, because my birthday is a big enough milestone for me, being the 1st of January. Seems pointless really for me to make all these promises to myself for the next year of my life when we all know, quite often life (or laziness if you join that gym) gets in the way.

So here, instead, is the 20 things I hope to do in 2020! Happy New Year everyone! And Happy Birthday to me!!

1.Relocate and MOVE HOUSE

This is the biggest one, hence why it's at the top of the list. Many, many months ago, waaay back in April, I decided this year would be my last in London, for a variety of reasons, but now I'm looking forward to it!


I rarely, rarely go on holiday. It's the time off work, stress, effort and money that all come into play and suddenly I'm telling myself it'll be good to have a week at home! This year, though, no! Enough is enough! I want to see the world!


So I've saved a meagre amount at the end of 2019, but 2020 will be the year I get into it! I want to afford big things, and have some money for a deposit for a place to buy, so this is the time I'll start doing it!


Oh yes, the big one. So I've been saying I'll be doing this for... well, since I was 16. But, I actually mean it this year; with re-locating, I'll kind of need to learn how to drive!


No, I'm not talking about merch. I'm talking about blog series, maybe a podcast, maybe collabs! My blog is growing so much, and I'm so happy that I'll be able to try lots of new things with it.

6.Get a pet or two or three

I've wanted pets for as long as I remember, and not having them growing up meant I've got this massive pet-shaped hole in my heart. I want to get a dog or a cat and hopefully both in the New Year! We'll take it slow, but I really want a furry companion.

7.Spend more time with friends

This ones a given- it's always one thing I want to do more of in the coming years. I love spending time with them, but it's a time, effort and money thing- when you're broke, finishing a 9 hour day at work and have an hour to travel, will you? YES, I will.

8.Spend more money on actual experiences than material products

Ahahaha, this is a constant problem with me. Not enough money to go out to the pub, or club, or the newest museum exhibition I've been eyeing up because I bought some new clothes, or a new face mask. I need to curb my spending, and budget better (but I'm at a decent starting point) so that I can afford to do things, and experience things, over that new handbag.

9. Get into yoga + Pilates + meditation

I've been having an on-again-off-again relationship with the three above, purely down to time constraints. But the one thing I want to do in the new year is focus more on my mind, body and soul and the relationship between the three. And, to focus on my body, some lovely mindful exercise.

10. Grow in my relationship

I've been with P for 5-6 months now (Neither of us have been counting, and there's been no definitive point where we've asked each other to be our respective boyfriend/girlfriend, and no anniversary either) and we do so much together, but I want to do more! Holidays together, creative projects to collaborate on, and of course, moving house!

11. Experience more... events, gigs, festivals, exhibitions (basically get more out of life)

I live in London, and I won't be forever! Wherever I move to also, I want to experience the culture and life of people there, by attending galleries, exhibitions, bars, museums, gigs and festivals!

12. Be more assertive!

I am the least confrontational person on Earth. Seriously. To the point where it's a bad thing. Although I do stand up for myself when pressed, I need to be more assertive in myself and my views to everyone! My parents, my siblings, my family, friends and my workplace.

13. Do more creative projects

I have a list on my phone of projects I want to do in the New Year, not just on my blog but in art, fashion, freelance work and so many other things!

14. Knit a Jumper

In the last week of 2019, I was re-taught how to knit by my sister-in-law after having not touched a knitting needle for five years! And guess what? I'm shite! I need to get my practice up and when I do, I want to knit myself a jumper.

15. Photography!

I haven't been doing my photography as much as I want to, again down to time constraints, but in the New Year, with motivation from P, who himself is a photographer (a bloody good one too), I think I'll be getting back into the swing of it nicely.

So there we have it! Wish me luck, there's a lot to get done! But, I'm so excited by it all, I can't wait to see what happens!

16. Grow in my career

I'm a full-blown, qualified, successful stylist now! And I want to see where that takes me, career-wise. There's lots of different avenues I want to try out and go down, so we'll see how it goes!

C x


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