Are Monki Doing That Thing All Big Businesses Do?

So I've always been a big fan of Monki, because for me, it is the epitome of 'Artsy Cool Girl' style, which was a big aesthetic that I used to be into a lot. I think now my style has definitely evolved as I've gotten older but there's definitely still elements of it, which means I don't mind the occasional browse in the uber-millenial, glitter-coated shops dotted across London.

However, recently, I went into a Monki shop and I noticed that something looks a bit familiar to something that I'd seen before.

And I got worried that it had done what every big business everywhere does.

There are plenty of cases of it happening with businesses like Topshop and HandM. I could go on, to list basically all of the big high street retailers, but I won't. You can google it yourself and click on literally any of the millions of hits.

Essentially, they copy designs from small independent businesses for their own financial gain.

In this case, in particular, it would be signature dungarees (which have a link below), from the cult indie company Lucy and Yak, who specialise in dungarees. As everybody knows I'm a massive fan of dungarees- they are my life and I love to wear them.

Because of this I am a big fan of Lucy and Yak- they're also incredibly sustainable, they know the people who work in that factories in India and it's all sustainable cotton. They do incredible work for the environment.

However, when the company is compared to the size of Monki, it's basically a drop of water in the ocean. Monki is a multinational fashion house, which is growing steadily day by day.

And I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the two designs.

Lucy and Yak (left) and Monki (right)

Let me know what you think below. Maybe they were just following trends, forecast by forecasters, inspired by bloggers, influencers and farm-hands alike. Maybe though, there's something more sinister that goes on, deliberately or not, in the design houses of big brands.

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