Best Midi Skirts This Season

Hey everyone!

As I write this post for you today, I am lying in my bed, in the middle of the day, waiting for the sweet release of death to take away the pain that I am feeling.

That's right.

I'm sick!

Now, when I get sick, I don't just get any kind of sick.

I get completely sick. I mean, if you are within a 100 metre radius of me you've probably heard me moan about how ill I feel.

At the moment I'm currently facing hot and cold sweats, fever, chills, shivering, muscle aches, muscle pains, headache, congestion, blocked nose, and itchy eyes and ears for some reason (?) I'm not quite sure if thats related...

So, after taking the best part of the day to lie in bed and watch nothing but YouTube videos and unsuccessfully sleep it off (and have crazy fever dreams when I do), I decided I would be productive.

Therefore, I am curating, from across the wide world of the internet, my favourite midi skirts of this season!

Know, as we all know mini skirts are my favourite thing on this planet. They are so versatile- you can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can wear them to pretty much any event, and there's always going to be one out there that'll suit your body shape and will suit your personality!

I love them personally because they suit any height, they suit my particularly curvy figure. They're also a great way to express your style with an endless stream of patterns and colours and textures and materials.

I think I have over 10 in my wardrobe, which is saying something.

So I thought I would curate my favourite ones for going into autumn/winter.

I will also be doing a follow up post, similar to the ones I just did with the dungarees (Which I haven't yet published as I'm writing) to show you how to style them, hopefully new ways of wearing and inspire you if you're feeling pretty daunted by the idea of trying something new.

So without further ado, here we go. Go forth and twirl in these midi skirts, my darling!

Satin Midi's basically rule the roost when it comes to midi skirts, but they are commonly found in bias cut skirts (which unfortunately don't look fantastic on most women) and this pleated, cut out one is different. The pattern means you can use it as a great base for an outfit and introduce lots of different colour into the outfit if you wish!

Again another wardrobe basic, in black and white polka dots, with a very flattering wrap shape.

This rust colour is THE colour of the season as we go into autumn, and taking it into this pleated midi skirt is the way to go. Pair it back with a classic white t-shirt and a pair of trainers, or a strappy pair of sandals on the occasional warmer days we're still getting.

I love this print! I have it in the midi dress and adore how cute and alternative it is. This style is completely different however with the tie detail at the hip- it would suit a strawberry or rectangular shape best!

I love these colours and Whistles is one of my favourite brands ever!

Ah, the western style is back again and this time it's in this vintage inspired denim midi skirt. As it's denim it would go with literally anything!

This is one of the more premium of the velvet midi skirts but I think they're essential for Christmas time!

I love pairing this back with a stylish black slash-neck top, or a black polo!

So, there we have it.

All of my favourite midi skirts from across the high street and beyond in this season.

As we get further towards Christmas they'll get a bit more festive with lots of inclusions of glitter and sparkles- the Gerard Darrell skirt we just looked at is probably an early indicator of this.

However, I think it's important to own maybe one of those, if you want to wear it to special occasions, but all of the ones that I've linked can be dressed up if you're going to go out to the Christmas party or out to a family do, or dress down if you're just popping out to the shops and you're very hungover from said events.

I hope I've inspired you all and I want to wish you the best in autumn/winter! Have a good day- ta-rah, poppets!

C x

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