Best of the Sales... Accessories!

Right, ding ding ding, round three. Last time I’m doing this, I promise!

This time, I feel these need no introduction. But here we are in case you’re new. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Summer clearance. Accessories. My fave bits. Get in there fast before I buy them all.

I love a good statement necklace and this one takes the cake! It's so pretty, I really like the mixed media use of ribbon, plastic and metal and think the pink ribbon it's hanging on would break up a plain t-shirt underneath perfectly!

What a cute scarf! I'm a sucker for a cute scarf, it has a million different purposes from a hair tie to a neck scarf, even a belt if it's long enough! This one is adorable with the sweetie patterns all over.

This tote bag is incredible! I feel, as a city liver and busybody and constantly doing over 20,000 steps a day (seriously!) and going to at least three places in a day, I no longer have the need for a small handbag and instead have upgraded to the seemingly unfashionable but highly practical and functional tote/canvas bag. At the moment, it's one I got from the Camera Museum on Museum Street, but soon to be this baby. It's absolutely massive and can hold anything you'll ever need which for me includes a water bottle, three notebooks (one for work, one for blogging and one for freelance work), various chargers, a wallet packed with 796689 loyalty cards, a bunch of random crap, probably a jumper/blazer and most likely a spare pair of shoes and socks.

So cute, completely transforms a bad hair day!

Very 70s inspired with the wood and mustard plastic combination, these would look amazing as a statement with any outfit- wear with jeans and a white shirt for a more complimentary look or colour pop with black or even clash with a pink, purple or green outfit!

Such a cute and summery backpack!

And there we go, poppets. Let me know if there’s any more we’d like, I’m always looking to push the limit of my overdraft!

See you next time!

C x

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