Bristol Day Trip

Hi, everyone!

In my last travel post, I talked about a little weekend away I did with the girls to the Brecon Beacons- I also talked about how we stopped off at Bristol on the way home.

We spent approximately 12 hours there- it was a perfect amount of time for a day trip, I think.

And I also think we planned it really well, through friend's advice and a lot of instagramming.

This is my more in depth guide to Bristol and what we did there and my kind of review as it is, of the city.

So, we arrived in Bristol probably just before midday. We'd driven from the Brecon Beacons- It was quite a drive, but we kept ourselves occupied with various playlists on Spotify and car games (the name game being a favourite that literally passes hours).

When we drove into Bristol, we decided by doing some research on Instagram, that we would park in the Clifton area which is a suburb, which is quite renowned as being the kind of a more cultural bit (that being said though, the whole of Bristol is quite arty and cultural on the whole).

So we parked on a little back street in Clifton, by a university campus and we decided that we'd have a look around and have lunch there. We then walked into the city centre later in the day (but more on that in a bit).

While we were walking, We decided to stop off at this little marketplace and have lunch.

We have lunch in the East Village Cafe, which is a delicious, kind of almost Whole Foods place. They do a lot of really good vegan options, and really good coffee! I went for the lentil sausage roll which was absolutely delicious, the others went for cakes which looked amazing. They have a philosophy of wanting to help people enjoy healthy food in a peaceful setting- It's part of a movement towards consciousness about what we eat, and they make everything in house local, seasonal and organic, and mostly from Bristol.

It was really cute aesthetic in the store- lots of plants and wood and very shabby chic. Let's just say it wouldn't look out of place in somewhere like Shoreditch.

We were going to sit outside however it was spotting with a bit of drizzle (classic for Brizzle), so we decided to eat inside at a big wooden table.

After filling up on some delicious whole food, we then went around a little market in Clifton- there were lots of adorable shops, small and arty and independent.

There was one in particular that I loved- it was Mexican-themed for some reason and had delicious Mexican foods like hot sauce- upstairs lots of Mexican homeware, very Day of the Dead and Frida Kahlo inspired.

There was also a PaperSmith's which has now become my favourite shop in the world. It sells fancy stationery magazines and zines- it was really nice to look around and very inspirational to me, as someone who dabbles with art and journalling (it's literally my life).

We then decided to walk down to the city centre. Now, none of us knew how how long this would take but upon googling it took us about 40 minutes.

The way we were walking, there was no main High Street or anything- we were just walking through streets with houses on up and down hills- it was a very hilly area, and the houses themselves a beautiful mosaic of colours.

We also decided to take a detour to Clifton suspension bridge, just because it was a tourist site and we wanted to go see it. The bridge itself was absolutely magnificent. It was massive and beautiful to look at!

When we started to get closer to the city centre, the walk took us along the river and the harbour. And while we were walking, we started to notice a lot of live music, a lot of crowds of people- it was was quite a nice day at this point- it was quite sunny and the drizzle had cleared up, it was quite warm.

As as we walked further and further into the city centre, we started to notice that there was a street festival on- it was the Bristol street festival! By complete coincidence, we didn't realise but there was this massive gathering of people in the city centre! There was live music, everybody was sitting out enjoying sunshine!

There was lots of events on- lots of street food, lots of stalls selling things. It was absolutely amazing! The atmosphere was incredible- it was very busy, though. Probably a bit too busy for somebody as claustrophobic as me, but we took regular breaks going to different shops, so it was okay in the end.

The walk itself was quite long but it was all right because I was with my friends and we were just chatting, enjoying our time together exploring somewhere new.

We went to the M Shed museum and took a quick look around for Bristol's local history. It was really interesting learning about LGBT rights in the city and it was just a very nice modern museum-hey had an Aardman exhibition on which I would have loved to go to but unfortunately, we didn't have the time.

We then decided that we would take a walk up and down a few streets to do some shopping and then we'd work our way back up to a restaurant called the Florist that we all really wanted to go to.

So we went into a couple of vintage shops, which had really great aesthetics, and a couple of other shops as well- didn't see anything, unfortunately...

Now The Florist itself was a gorgeous restaurant- it's themed around flowers, as the name suggests. There's beautiful displays everywhere the eye can see. Beautiful bouquets, even flowers hanging from the ceiling! It had a really nice atmosphere compared to the hustle and bustle outside- it was quite quiet and relaxed inside. We had Sunday roast (because it was Sunday). I had the roast beef and it was goooood- it was really tasty- the only issue was the portion size could have been a bit bigger (however that might have just been because I hadn't eaten in quite a few hours and was getting a bit hungry...). So overall, the the restaurant had a beautiful aesthetic. It has flock wallpaper, even a tree growing on one wall.

We then realised it was getting towards dinnertime and we had the three hour drive back to London to do, so we left- in the end we left Bristol at about 6ish. We walked back up to Clifton, it was a bit of a trek going up this time because you were literally going up hills. However, when we got to the car, we were all quite sad to leave the city. I think overall it had a very relaxed atmosphere even with the street festival and it felt very chilled, like a slower pace of life than London; There's definitely a lot more arts and culture going on. It felt very nice. and the city itself was beautiful. The houses were gorgeous, brightly painted, and I will definitely be returning in the future.

Overall I really enjoyed my short stay there, and if you're looking for somewhere to get out of London for a short time and explore somewhere new with lots of things happening, this is the place!

C x

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