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Hi everyone!

Today is a shorter post than usual- it’s just a quick shout-out and review of my new favourite Podcast.

I’m a big podcast listener as you know, (I've done a post before on podcasts) however there's a new one that's come out since my last post that I've been listening to religiously every week. There's only been five episodes so far but I’ve been listening weekly on my tube to work.

It’s ‘Birth Stories by Clemmie Hooper’, who is @motherofdaughters!

She is a midwife, and a Instagram and a blogger, of the blog Gas and Air, who writes about and talks about women's birth stories.

It is a fantastic blog and podcast!

Even if you haven't given birth, even if you're not a mother, even if you're not a woman, it's just a really inspiring podcast. It's fantastic to hear all of these different woman's completely different journeys into motherhood and birth.

I think Clemmie is a very magnetic host. She's very soothing and you can tell she's a midwife, because of the advanced knowledge that she has on all the topics. She's there to answer any of the questions or any of the comments the women might have on the process and she provides a lot of unbiased knowledge which is amazing.

She’s very supportive whatever the woman's journey into birth would be, whether it is a home birth or hospital birth. Whether they use an epidural or not, whether they use a doula. It is great, and it is very inspiring to listen to. I love a good podcast that’s about empowering women.

It’s also about motherhood in all of its various forms. The stories are sometimes funny, sometimes light hearted, sometimes serious, unfortunately sometimes sad, but they're all very honest which is what I appreciate most.

So yeah, go and give it a check out! I'll link it here- I listened to it on iTunes, but you can listen to it on whatever you get your podcasts on.

C x

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