Dear Diary- 1/6/2019

Hiya Poppets!

I just thought it would be good if I gave you a life update of the past couple of weeks, as I’ve been on and off Instagram and blogging more than I have vegan ice cream (it’s vegan, right, but my dairy-intolerant tummy still doesn’t like the creaminess… what’s going on?!).

Work-wise, everything is going swimmingly! I’ve had a rush of really, really lovely clients over the past couple of weeks; each one leaving more inspired and more confident in themselves and me leaving happier for talking to them and sharing intimate details of our lives and perceptions for a session and more confident in my styling ability!

One of my clients even won a BAFTA! In the outfit I styled her in! I can now say I am officially a BAFTA winner stylist (maybe not in that grammatical way though!).

I spent two days in Reading doing training with the London College of Style; a wonderful two days of learning about the technical side behind all things personal styling as well as some industry tips and tricks!

My mum came down to London for two whole days (!) so we spent the days playing mini golf and going around Hampton Court with my sister; basically just trying to soak up as much Sun as possible but then complaining when we’re moderately warm!

Fashion-wise, I’m going to buy this Alice Temperley dress. Absolutely gorgeous!

And of course, the Puma Colour of the Year (in Living Coral) Trainers (sneakers? Who knows about which lingo to use these days… all I know is that my sister has suddenly started saying ‘Gucci’ for good… who does that?) are going on my payday wish list too! I’m not really one for streetwear, at all, but these trainers are freakin lush. It's also quite incredible that the Pantone Colour of the Year is based off of the bleaching and dying of the coral reefs in order to raise awareness of it; it's absolutely incredible that climate change and sustainability are everywhere these days, especially in fashion!

I’ve been binge-listening to the podcast, ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ which is exactly what it says on the tin but HOLY SHIT it has me laughing out loud on public transport! I’ll never be able to look at pomegranates the same way again! Click on the pic to listen to the first episode on youtube.

And that’s about it for now, folks! Nothing major or life-changing happening, just plodding a long with life.

C x

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