Dear Diary, 2nd November 2019

Hi all!

It's November already!

Gosh, can you even believe it?

At the start of the year I said to myself, hungover to death (on my birthday, the 1st of January), hanging off the sofa, watching Taylor Swift's Reputation World Tour on Netflix, hair frizzy and all over the place, wearing a t-shirt and pants and desperately chugging weak Lidl squash from a pint glass, 'THIS WILL BE MY YEAR' and to be honest, it completely has!

Now we're nearly at the end (although I'm still so excited for what's to come, except for Black Friday- I'm working 12pm-10pm then back in work at 10am on the next day...) I can look back on it and all of the things that have happened, people I've met, and yes, even lives I've changed (God, that sounds arrogant, but believe me, some appointments in work styling people have changed their lives, or at least the way they look at themselves).

Recently though, it all seems to be ramping up!

P moved in with me (!) after a quick job interview, acceptance of said job and sudden need of somewhere to stay in London, fast. It also helps said job is a mere 7 minutes walk from our (!) flat.

There are pros and cons to this; pros being someone to laugh at my jokes, cuddle me, spend evenings with and generally love being around. Cons being the snoring. But nothing in life is perfect, is it?

I've been visiting a lot of new places too, cute shops hidden behind the main strip in areas like Soho and Shoreditch and even around me in West London which have been giving me a wealth of inspo for posts and fashion.

Making do and mending my clothes is very important to me as it sees garments go that bit longer wearing-wise and increases sustainability in my own wardrobe. I had a make do and mend day recently, which meant I fixed 9 (!) pieces of clothing in my wardrobe and made them wearable again. From tears to buttons needing sewing, I sewed, cried and pricked my thumb through them all.

Work has been hectic, we're gearing up for peak season (I still am in a retail environment despite being a stylist) and tbh I feel like I'm run off my feet a bit.

Blog wise, I'm feeling super motivated and ready for action! Photoshoots with friends (thank you Libby) and lots of writing and recording sessions mean I'm feeling on top of it and really fulfilled by it- it serves as a great creative outlet for my thoughts and feelings.

I got some new pillow spray! It's really helping me fall asleep at night- the one I used before was good but this one is GREAT- it's the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and smells absolutely heavenly! I am an absolute sucker for lavender and it's gorgeous to spray on your pillow before you sleep at night- you drift off so quickly and feel super relaxed.

Also, my hair clip obsession knows NO bounds. I bought a multipack from ASOs and lemme tell you I never leave the house now without my hair adorned in brass or pearl accessories.

My parents have been over a lot too, and it's been great seeing them lots- I see them triple the amount of time I did a couple of years ago when I first moved back to the UK from where we lived, and I'm really enjoying having a better, closer and more nourishing relationship with them now I'm seeing them more.

Wish me luck for peak though, I have no doubt I'll be a husk of my former self by the time my Christmas holiday rolls around...

C x

PS. Any advice for that one chin hair that grows so thick and fast you have no idea how to get rid of it? Asking for a friend...

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