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So, if I haven't talked about it enough already, I moved house! And, from moving from a shared flat (with one of my best friends but a shared flat still) where everything was mostly mine due to the sheer amount of stuff I had, to moving into our very first one bedroom home together, where everything is our own, I realised I had to get decorating. Or rather, innovating. Think upgrading what you already have to make it more 'you' or adding small additions of beautiful pieces to make the whole space not only tie together but also completely unique. I'm featuring a lot of clashing patterns, colours and prints to make it more me and I think the below list explains that pretty well! Here's my favourite interior pieces, shops and brands from around London and the world which will inspire me and eventually fill my home with fun!

Matilda Goad and the Scalloped Lampshade

I love Matilda Goad's easy, fun and not-serious interior accessories, but especially this lampshade. It screams, youth, fun and flirty with the red hot accent along the playful lines of scalloping and the pop of florals underneath is a really cheeky bit of fun- something signature to all of Matilda's work.

Mid-Century Furniture

Check out the links here, here and here.

God, I love mid century furniture. I don't know what it is, but give me a good bit of walnut, some hairpin legs and some angled edges and I get all fuzzy inside. These are gorgeous to look at and very practical too- they should last a lifetime. I've already started filling my home with mid century pieces as I would like it to be the main theme but I'm going to continue doing so in the following months and years to turn this into a Mad Men friendly pad.

Fringed Lightshade(s)

See similar here.

Feeling massively inspired by some of the places you see on insta, which are complete goals btw, but with wanting to put my own personal twist on things, led me to this gorgeous lampshade- it gives hints of luxe and glamour with the brass and blush pink fringing but again, doesn't take itself too seriously which is what I want. It's not too big either, it fits nicely into the frame of the lighting cornice above it (an original period feature which I LOVE). Perfect eye-catcher and conversation starter, as it draws peoples eyes up to our high ceiling, giving the illusion of even more space and making the room feel light and airy.

Liberty London Accessories

Ah Liberty. The source of my obsession with interiors, florals and expensive skincare. If I were a shop, I would be Liberty. It is stunning on the inside, from the beautiful old Victorian layout akin to a rabbit warren to the original feature staircases and wooden panelling. The product is something else- eclectic, quirky and gorgeous. Think beautiful one-off pieces contrasted by stunning works from the latest up and coming designers. I love it so much and take so much inspiration from it when layering up my own home with bits and pieces.

Oliver Bonas Wall Art

Again, big love to Oliver Bonas. More modern than Liberty, but still fun and quirky, their home accessories make for perfect additions to the young persons' home. But, it's their prints I want to talk about. I love how they use additions of gold, lots of pastels (my jam) and fun motivational quotes that aren't tacky to make things you will love to look at on a daily basis. Add some command strips, and you've just improved your rented home by 10! I'm actually buying the 'I Came to Boogie' print above in a couple of weeks, to sit above our bed.

House of Hackney

So this is up there with Liberty in terms of brands I am simply obsessed with. House of Hackney mixes luxurious fabrics with deep, rich prints that are often whimsical to create a range of fabrics and soft interiors that will make you weep with longing. Think, classic Victorian inspired botanicals crossed with animals such as a badger on bright backdrops on velvet. I personally cannot even decide what fabric I like the most to buy and turn into some pillows (with added fringe!) but their fabrics will make an amazing addition to our sofa as some statement pieces.


I love plants. So much. There has been so many studies into the positive effect they have on your mental health and I think it's so important to surround yourself with them; they become our own offspring, labours of love who listen to your woes. They're beautiful and lighten up any space. Because of this, as soon as the lockdown is lifted, we are going to fill our home with them! I have 12 plant pots already lined up, collected in the past few months from vintage fairs, car boot sales and online. Image source.

KD Loves

KD Loves describes itself as 'Inspired by an appreciation for the beautiful and quirky, KDLoves is carefully curated collection of products that will bring colour, texture and personality into the home.' Sounds pretty idyllic, right? Yes! It's fun mix of bold patterns and colour with statement, vintage inspires shapes and silhouettes means it's perfect for adding a bold expression of your own unique style into your home.

I am the number one fan of the idea of not taking yourself seriously and I like to think my taste in interiors reflects this- nothing too formal, everything bold, colourful and fun and a clash of different patterns and styles to curate a space that is well and truly my own. I hope I can inspire you to make your own home truly your own safe space by surrounding yourself with things that make you happy!

C x

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