How to Wear Dungarees 5 Ways


So this is a new type of blog post.

I wanted to try something new instead of just listing things I like, use my career and passion for styling to show you how to wear them. How to boost your confidence, boost your self love and esteem.

Basically, how to strut down the street.

Hopefully you’ll find these ideas inventive and original, a fantastic new take on how to wear your favourite staple pieces.

So let’s do this!

Dungarees are a favourite of mine. They’re so versatile and so comfortable, I literally only wear them exclusively on my days off.

My favourite, sturdy pair are a classic black slim fit pair in denim recommended by my favourite blogger, Hannah Gale. I’ve owned them for 2 years and plan to get another pair in regular denim because they’re that good.

They work on all body shapes and come in a variety of different styles- I also fancy getting myself a pair of Lucy and Yaks soon (okay, two pairs. One black and one patterned or pink)!

So, to kick start this new series, I’ve come up with 5 ways to style your favourite pair of dungarees!

I hope you enjoy!


-One pair of your favourite dungarees

-Your Classic white t-shirt

-Converse or other fashion trainer

And you get perfectly effortless, laidback cool. Team with hair loose and let down and a touch of eyeliner, or a sweatshirt tied around the waist. Perfect for city living and exploring.


-One pair of your favourite dungarees

-One classic crisp, white shirt

-A dash of red lipstick

-One Pair of lovely black shoes

-Throw on a structured black blazer

This look is a bit more put together- I find adding a blazer to anything instantly adds glam and professionalism. This is also a fantastic way to look glamorous in about 3 minutes, depending on how fast you apply lipstick.


-One pair of your favourite dungarees

-Your glam ‘nice top’ (preferably blouse)

-One embellished necklace

-Fancy pair of shoes

For me, the fancy pair of shoes bit is down to interpretation but I love my pointy red heels (not as Louboutin as they sound I promise!). This look is all about dressing them up, wearing them out for drinks with friends or on a date. Prove to the world they’re not just for toddlers!


-One pair of your favourite dungarees

-A classic Breton

-Literally any shoes- brogues, converse, a nice boot

This one is so, so easy to pull off and definitely a lazy day go-to for me. I have many bretons (pink and white, the classic navy and white, red and white… the list goes on) and I think this look will look put together and stylish on anyone. Team with you hair loose or in a ponytail and either no make-up at all or a splash of colour on your lips to pull it all together!


-One pair of your favourite dungarees

-A classic white t-shirt

-A chunk knit cardigan

-Boots, or classic trainers

This one is again more slouchy (you can tell I don’t dress up very often hahaha)- the cardigan is perfect for going into Autumn and good for layering too. Alternatively, you could wear a chunky jumper under them, it’s entirely up to you! (Hence why I've put the slippers into the post!)

So there we have it, lads. Hopefully I’ve inspired you today and, as usual, any feedback would be amazing! I hope you love the new format and enjoyed it and I hope it made you look at your wardrobe a bit differently!

C x

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