My 5 Essential Shoes for A/W

One of the most common questions I get in my appointments at work, as a stylist, is 'what shows will go with this?' and my answer is most commonly any. People unfortunately lack the confidence to try something a bit unusual and venture out of their comfort zone, especially when it comes to shoes. They're often seen as functional and practical, but I say hey! Why can't they be both of those things, and pretty too?

These shoes are collated to work for every outfit and every occasion- be it work, casual or going-out. By interchanging these with your favourite midi dress or skirt and top combo, your outfit can take you from day to night and beyond!

1. White Trainers

The classic. Currently all over the high street and magazines and blogs and for good reason. A good pair of high quality white trainers will last you for ever and because of the neutral colour will match everything!

They're the perfect casual outfit, but because of the recent office uniform relaxation (goodbye awkward pinstripe bootcut jeans, hello casual midi skirts), they could also work for work if you work in a smart casual office environment, like most people now. They work with dresses of any length, tights, nice trousers, culottes and more!

2. A Ruddy Nice Pair of Flats

These are more for trans-environment outfits, when you need to go from office to meetings to coffee dates to the bar to the gym. Well, maybe not the gym. But you get the picture. A lovely pair of fancy flats will add a smarter element to your outfit and add a girlier touch. Stick to classic colours like navy, black and blue for a safe colour that'll go with everything or if you're feeling bold go for a pop of colour! Don't be afraid to contrast.

3. Boots

Ah, boots. Not the shop (where I commonly show off I have £15 worth of points now saved up!) but the classic winter shoes. There are literally thousands available on the high street of every colour material and style, so there is probably a pair out there for you.

I prefer a classic ankle boot (as I have trouble fitting my 'curvaceous' calves into the leg, but I'm on the lookout for a good pair.

They'll go with most outfits- tuck your trousers into them, or let them go under culottes and skirts and midi dresses which will elevate your look and add instant style; also, they look bloody brilliant with tights and a skirt.

On top of all this, they're usually pretty practical for the crappy weather this time of year- waterproof and warm, just what you need for hiking through the concrete jungle in -5 degrees over ice, trying not to slip (which you won't with a good grip on your boots!) with rude commuters in trench coats shoving your shoulders every 0.5 seconds, feeling your coffee in your hands which you paid £7 for in an artisan hipster coffee shop quickly turn the temperature of an ice bath.

4. Going-out shoes (Just add Glitter!)

Christmas party. Christmas party. Christmas drinks. Christmas dinner at the pub. Christmas Party. Hungover Christmas Brunch. Christmas party.

Tis the season for a million Christmas dos', most of which you do not want to attend, whether it's for pervy Kev from the office getting too close after a few pints of Carling or watching two colleagues cop off after too many mulled wines.

Yet, not to let your one work-colleague-you-can-stand down and tell yourself you'll be 'mingling' and 'networking', you attend.

And so, you need to dress up, nicely.

These shoes will add an absolute statement to your outfit and instantly elevate what you wear- being the belle of the ball and attracting so many compliments from everyone, even pervy Kevin.

Just add glitter for instant festive glam! Heels optional, if, like me you don't like heels,

5. Converse

Okay, so. Hear me out.

It feels like every person on the planet owns a pair. And there is a good reason.

Slightly more casual than the classic white trainer, these are the perfect city living shoe. So, so comfortable and stylish for decades. They come in any colour you can imagine (although I prefer a classic black or a pop of colour like purple or pink) and they match everything!

I love them so much with a midi dress to tone down a look or with jeans for a relaxed weekend look.

So, there we go!

A shoe for every occasion, to match everyone's lifestyle!

C x

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