My Daily Skincare Routine

So, that time has come again for another blogger who probably lives in London to talk about skincare! How exciting!

Now, I absolutely love skincare.

I'm a big fan of it. I have been blessed luckily by good genes which means I have relatively good skin.

However, I still understand the importance of looking after it- especially when you live in such a polluted city and I spend about an hour of the day on the tube (fun times...).

I do tend to look after it a lot- I do a morning and evening skincare routine as well as regular face masks too, for various reasons.

I'll talk you through my morning and evening skincare routines in this post- the long version, I do an abridged version too, on occasion.

I tend to do the long version as often as I can- the quick version is usually when I'm a bit tipsy and I've come in from a night out or if I've woken up late for work.

Firstly, I take off my makeup with a typical micellar water. I know that that's what 90% of people do to start their routine and remove make-up, and to be honest, I find it fantastic. It is dirt cheap compared to other options on the market. It takes off the makeup really easily- I've tried other makeup removers in my time, including the Clinique 'Take The Day Away' Makeup Remover, however I found that too oily on my eyes- I have combination skin so I tend to stay away from oily products.

I like to wash my face every few days or so with a bar of 'café au lait' soap- my mum made this bar! She makes soaps, and this one's got ground coffee in it so it acts as a really nice exfoliator. The only thing is it's quite rough, thick granules you can see with your eyes, so I do tend to use it every two to three days not daily because I don't want to be too abrasive on my skin. I really like the coffee because it's energising for the skin and it really does wake you up, and it smells delicious, because it's got that really nice hint of milk behind it as well. I think she used goat's milk in this one.

Then I move on to a second wash if it's my long version, or I'll start with this step if I'm not using the coffee soap. This is the Drunk Elephant 'Beste Jelly Cleanser'.

It's a really nice, soft foamy face wash and is so gentle and so cleansing. You don't realise it's exfoliating your skin at the same time because it's so buttery and gentle- it's very moisturising as well and I love the way it feels on your fingers when you're softly massaging it in in circular motions; it's a soft gel.

When you rub it in with water it turns into a soft foam that's really gentle on the skin. It doesn't really have much of a smell to it which I like, nothing artificial there!

Drunk Elephant is a really great, 100%, fair-trade and organic skincare company that was started in 2011 in the USA, and they focus on making all natural products with a speciality on skincare and looking after your skin.

They are a bit on the pricey side- this was a bit of a splurge for me but it works really well and I use it twice daily- a little really goes a long way and I would say I'm not even half way through this generously sized bottle in about 6 months?

Then I move on to my toner. I use the Clinique Lotion Two which is for dry-to-combination skin. This also works as an exfoliator and honestly it's just amazing to see how it takes away the dirt and grime. It leaves your skin feeling really nice and fresh and smooth. This is the only toner I've actually ever used because I just find it works so well, in the years I've been cleaning my skin for. I get through tons of it! Putting a couple of squirts onto a cotton round, I rub it softly over my face and neck in circular motion, taking care around my eyes.

And then finally, moisturiser. So I use two different types of moisturiser- a facial moisturiser and then I use an eye-gel as well just to look after my eyes.

I understand I am young but it's important to start looking after your skin as soon as you can to prevent ageing and maintain moisture. I use the Clinique 'Dramatically Different' moisturiser (the UK's #1 in fact)- I think it's absolutely fantastic.

It's so nice and smooth on the skin, it absorbs really easily and it's got an almost buttery texture to it, but it doesn't leave your skin feeling kind-of wet like some moisturisers do. You honestly feel the difference when it goes on.

And then I use the the Wake Eye Gel. I've written another blog post reviewing it

which gives you a more in-depth review but, essentially, because it contains aloe it refreshes and revives your skin- it helps with tired eyes when you've been looking at a screen all day.

Now, face-mask wise I like to use Dr Botanicals, The Pomegranate Overnight Mask- I like to use that twice a week and then I do some clay masks as well, varying in brand but usually containing clay to help with hydration and cleansing of my pores. Then, I also like to do a peel-off mask- I'm using this one at the moment.

Now, I would probably do one of those each week alternating because I don't like to overload the skin, but at the same time I like to keep it nice and fresh. I also like to use Lush masks because, after all, I am a millennial (my favourite of the Lush masks is the blueberry one).

I like to buy those whenever I can- not that regularly though, because I usually have a store of other masks at home.

I also like to make my own if I feel like it. I'll include ingredients like honey, oats, yoghurt (that sounds delicious actually!) and various other ingredients I find in my cupboard- obviously I look at them online first and make sure that they're safe to use on my skin!

So there we have it! I think in the future, I would like to try the Glossier Milk Cleanser, just because I've heard so much hype about it online. I'd also like to try and experiment with different night creams because I use only one cream for day and night and I understand it's important to have a different cream for each, for different purposes. So, if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

That's all folks!

C x

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