My Favourite Florals on the High Street At the Moment

Ah Spring.

Whilst the virus is taking its toll on all of us (read my views on that here) I think it's important to distract and spread some positive vibes, or else we will all go insane. So here are my favourite florals at the moment on the high street!

They're a great way to wear some colour and fun pattern without tearing up the rule book- I guarantee there will be a floral out there for everyone. Take a look for yourself below! I've separated them into categories so you can see which will best align with your individual style. For example, if you like bold and clashing patterns and colours, a floral that's edgy would best suit you, or if you like something a bit more minimal, take a look at some monochrome prints.

Florals for spring, as Miranda Priestly knows all too well, are used every spring, no matter what decade, as a classic print. There are many different variations on this, for example the 50s inspired ditsy prints that popped up in the 90s, or the bold colourful ones of the 80s. Even the mustard and chocolate tones of the drippy, psychedelic inspired flower power of the 70s deserves a shout out! Below, you can see examples of psychedelic 70s, flamboyant 80s and grunge 90s florals.

In this day and age though, you can find pretty much any colour variation or pattern to suit, although some trends do prevail such as watercolour inspired, bright poppy colours and ultra feminine styles.


For those of us that love a classic, particularly feminine approach, the ditsy floral is the one for you. With the small, repetitive pattern it's for someone with an eye for detail and a love of the 90s. They've been updated for 2020 however with lots of bold new colours and fabrics to play with, it means they get a modern makeover! Wear back with bright white trainers and minimal hair and make-up for a look every 90s grunge sweetheart would approve of!

ASOS maxi dress and Warehouse midi skirt


Big, big florals. The large kind that some people would feel wouldn't suit them, but I'm here to say they could and would suit everyone! If you're intimidated by such a big print, pair with a simple top in a complimentary colour (or black or white if you're unsure). If you're feeling more adventurous, you could wear with a clashing print or bright contrasting colours! These bold prints feel more romantic and timeless than others, so they work great on a date night too.

Selected Femme Midi Dress and Joy the Store skirt

Vintage Inspired

Similar to the ditsy print, but with more of a 1950s twist- think Betty Draper and you're on the right track. These kind of prints work best on vintage inspired silhouettes as well, and those kind of silhouettes like form fitting blouses, a-line and circle skirts and wrap dresses are really flattering on most shapes too.

Joanie Blouse and And Other Stories Dress


For those who don't want to be loud and proud with their florals, monochrome would be best. As it is black and white you can build up a stylish outfit with any colours to go with it, meaning you can take it from day to night by swapping our plain trainers with colourful pumps. I love the simplicity of the colour scheme contrasted by bolder prints.

Topshop mini dress and Mango midi dress

Edgy & Original

And finally, my favourite. Combine clashing prints and colours for a truly unique garment or outfit. It's perfect for summer and for expressing your own identity through fun colours. Think Rixo as a major inspiration.

Lost Ink midi dress and Topshop Midi dress

So, no matter what floral you feel yourself drawn to the most, know there will be a print or colour scheme out there to get you prepped for Spring and the sunny weather, whilst wearing your personality on your sleeve!

C x

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