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Hi everyone!

Today I thought I'd do a homeware post because I haven't really done one recently- I really like the idea of taking you through my living room and showing you all the additional touches that I've added to kind of make it my own while still renting. I understand that while you're renting, it can be hard to make to make a place feel like your own, so I thought I'd share with you what I've done!

There are some really easy hacks you can do for example, from investing in the right piece of furniture, to decorating furniture or just adding your own touches, momentos and memories!

So, to begin with, I thought I'd show you my bookshelves. I am a very big reader and I love having so many books surrounding me, It reminds me of everything that I've learned from them-all of the stories that I've read, everything that's moved to me in them and all of the people that I admire.

I also like adding my own touches to the bookshelves, For example, I like to add little mementos from my life I've picked up.

In particular, pictures and personal memories. I just really like to surround myself with all of these happy thoughts and places that I've been too, people that I've met, and the people that are most important to me.

I also really like the use of colour and putting books together by colour, which I've done on one of my bookshelves, but on the other one I've done alphabetical because that's more practical, especially when I lend books out to friends, which I do a lot.

I use the hidden compartments to hide away all of the bits I might necessarily not want to be on the show, for example, an old laptop, old diaries, photo albums and more stuff like that.

I will say love the Mid Century theme as you probably see throughout. I use a lot of Mid-Century furniture and pieces of decor to kind of create a nice vintage vibe that's a lot more my style than a classic, minimalist vibe- I know a lot of people (including my flatmate!) Like it, but I prefer kind of busy and eclectic.

I also have my desk- that's one of my favourite spaces in the world. It's a Mid-Century desk that I bought off of ebay dirt-cheap a couple of years ago now, and it's grown with me.

It's gotten a lot of scratches, it's become beaten-up and it's really got a life and a personality of its own, which I really like in a piece of furniture, which is one of the reasons why I rarely buy furniture firsthand.

As I’m sure most of you know, when you're renting, you don't really buy it that often, but I like too when I can, to add my own touches to a room and give it a vibe that’s more ‘me’.

This desk has a really nice finish- it's only a veneer, but I like the kind of grey, swedish wood affect it's got.

It has lots of hidden compartments which feature all of my art things. I have a lot of paints, sketchbooks, pens, and just general crap that you get with everyday life, and therefore need somewhere pretty (and functional...) to store it. Luckily, the trolley (which I’ll come to later) as well as these compartments make light work of it.

On my desk, I have a lot of photos of friends and family- I love looking at them.

It's just nice to glance at them when you're busy working- you might have your head stuck in an article that you’ve been writing for hours or a painting that you're doing. And you just look up and see them and even without noticing it consciously, it just makes you feel that little bit happier.

I also have this beautiful painting that my friend Mathilde did for me 4 years ago now, when I first moved to London. It's really funky, in her own unique style and I love it.

I have plants as well. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty bad at keeping plants but this one on my desk has managed to survive for a year and a half now! I honestly have no idea how, but it’s a trooper!

I also have a few personal tokens and memories, I won't get into too much detail-it’ll probably bore you! But, for example, the pigeon was a gift from an old art teacher.

include more.

Next to my desk I have my art station (kinda?).

It is a trolley that I got from IKEA and was honestly the most I've ever spent on a piece of furniture- It was 50 whole pounds.

But, it was absolutely worth it- it’s so great for storing all my art stuff including all the big and bulky stuff, like my sewing machine, which I use quite regularly.

It also has a lot more paints in it, a lot more sketchbooks, a guillotine that I need for cutting up pieces of paper and various other bits and pieces. I think it's a fantastic way to store things, whilst looking quite fashionable and artsy as well. I think when I move in a few months time, I want to in a more prominent position in my new home, because I really like how adds a bit of personality to the room.

Then I also have my record player! This I bought with birthday money on my 19th birthday.

It's a Croseley one, so admittedly, it's not the best for sound quality. However, it's a perfect one for when you're just starting in life and you want to listen to records but you don't want to pay a higher price. I love the floral print design so much and it's portable as well which is quite a good thing I've taken over to friends houses before to have a jam sesh with them. The size is also great if you have a small room, or are in uni halls and the fact it’s lightweight means it’s super easy to carry around with you.

Beneath I've got my record collection. This is my baby.

I don't go out and buy records that often- I'll only buy them if I see them on sale in a charity shop or Rough Trade or another record shop and they're a decent price (£30 for an album? Nah thanks).

That being said though, one day if I do win the lottery I do want to buy the complete David Bowie collection...

I usually go by buying my favourite album of a favourite artist of mine and then that way I have a good range of go-tos if I have friends over and we're listening to vinyl, or I have good recommendations to lend people. I also get given them as gifts as well and I absolutely love that (my birthday is only 5 months away now people!).

I have a few compilation albums too, which again are good for getting all of your fave songs on vinyl.

I have various other things in my flat but I don't really want to take pictures of because the rest of it's a mess. I have a good TV, which is used for watching Netflix- I also have an original PlayStation one, which we play (the same one my parents have had since I was born!).

I used to have a Nintendo 64, too, and a PlayStation 4, but I got rid of those. I'm going to get the Nintendo 64 again soon (Rainbow Road here I come!).

We have our dining room table which has various candles and crap on top of it, along with a relatively cute table cloth (mainly used from hiding the rental table beneath it).

We have a keyboard, called Charlie, but that's my flatmates- she's a musician, I'm sure you've probably all seen and heard on my Instagram- she's very talented, go give her a look! I'll probably link on here.

And yeah, that's it, really, for the inside!

We also have a balcony with an amazing view. It is absolutely stunning.

It's amazing to look out onto the city- I live in West London, so I've got a really good view of Hammersmith, Kensington Olympia (that's about a five minute walk from my flat). As well that, off towards Central to is beautiful too, and watching the sunset- you do get a pretty good view on the sixth floor.

One of my favourite memories is sitting out on my balcony with Nata, just relaxing, drinking a glass of wine while there was this massive thunderstorm happening all around us.

It was beautiful to watch and listen too.

And there we have it. I think if you lovely ladies are a fan of this, I would probably do another one of my bedroom. Its a bit more low key- I try to keep that quite minimalist because most of my pieces of furniture are in my living room- But just let me know in the comments below or on Instagram!

Thank you all for reading!

C x

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