My New Home!

So, if I haven't been banging on about it enough recently, I've moved house! And we are so, completely happy with it. P and I have settled in really nicely into this place, and we've been giving it touches of our personality throughout.

At the moment, this is only the living room because the rest of it needs some final flourishes (and we haven't put up many pictures yet either because we're waiting on frames but don't want to order non-essentials during lockdown) but I hope you enjoy what we did!

Think very mid-century, with the Peggy inspired sofa, touches of authentic wood (Mango wood coffee table in that gorgeous star style) and luxe throughout with touches of velvet and brass throughout.

I'm surrounded by all my books, all our cameras and soon to be a lot of plants too!

It's situated in Twickenham, a beautiful town on the outskirts of London, one street away from the Thames so that's where we go on our walks/runs daily. It's so peaceful and I'm really enjoying exploring the area more- in a previous blog post I said how I've spent a lot of time here in my life, but now, walking around by myself, letting my instincts lead me has taken me to beautiful parks and down streets with the biggest Victorian and Georgian mansion houses (one of which one day I will own!).

You'll probably recognise a few pieces from my old blog post about my old living room in Shepherd's Bush here, but for the most part, I managed to shop around (primarily on Ebay, Etsy and places like Wayfair with discounted furniture) and managed to decorate the whole place (including sofa!) for under £1k. All the pieces were new but obviously they're not the best quality, but they'll do for the next couple of years as P and I use this home as a base to further our careers and then we can start on the House of Hackney pieces!

The Sun shines through the bay windows and gives us a good amount of light and heat, and the living room is big enough to contain the study area, dining area and TV area, as well as a little reading area in the corner with my favourite armchair.

What do you think? Obviously it's still a work in progress, but I think it's pretty wonderful.

C x

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