My Opinion on Compliments

As a woman in the 21st century, I receive a lot of male attention on the internet. Tinder mostly but Instagram too. And most of this is compliments.

You get the (unfortunately) usual creeps, the (even more unfortunately) dick pics and then you get the seemingly nice ones.

‘Your eyes are amazing!’

‘You’re so pretty!’

‘I love your freckles’

And yes, it’s nice to be validated in terms of beauty. But for me, that means the most from the people I love- friends and family.

I am aware that I am pretty. I’m a pretty confident person (although that’s a recent thing).

If someone is trying to sweet talk me, compliment me on my achievements, not my smile. Compliment me on my talents. Compliment me on my job, my career. Compliment me on my independence. Compliment me on my personality, my sense of humour. Compliment me on my music taste. My taste in cinema, books and TV. Compliment me on my goals, my imagination, my artistic ability, even my style.

Compliment me on what makes me, me. Compliment me on my talents and achievements. Compliment me on things I’m proud of most.

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