My (writing's) appearance on Radio Arle

Hey guys!

In case you didn't know, I wrote some words on Mental Health in lockdown for Radio Arle for this Sunday, 25th May; the transcript of it is below. Focusing on getting help, and the main mantra I follow; It's okay to not feel okay. Especially during lockdown, it's so important to know that we're all experiencing a lot of stress and worry which can affect your mental health. Let me know what you think...

Whether you’re scared of what’s to come in the future or worried about day to day life, love and support is out there. As someone who has previously and is still battling mental health issues, I speak openly and proudly of the fact my mind is different to some to tell people it’s okay to not feel like yourself. To be depressed, unhappy, anxious and more. It’s okay, but in these times, with the media and social media spreading sensationalist stories and rumours, it’s important to not let that overcome you and drown you in negatives. Tell a friend or loved one how you’re feeling, whether it’s over a garden fence or Zoom meeting, or you’re in the same house together. It’s important to unburden yourself and remember, we’re all in this together. People process events and anxieties differently, but we’re all experiencing some level of negative mental health at the moment, and that is okay. Your mind is human, and sometimes needs help.


Do not feel the pressure of other people’s opinions. Everyone copes with their mental health differently, and we’ve heard the word ‘unprecedented’ enough now to know we’ve never faced something like this before- collectively as a nation and individually as people. If you want to keep your days busy and start new projects, go for it. If you cope by retreating to a comfortable place in your mind and home, go for it. Just know you are not alone in facing this- every aspect of it. From losing loved ones to redundancy to childcare to dealing with lockdown or caring for relatives, you are not alone. And there is plenty of support out there too to help you and everyone else cope. From online therapy to charities, the help you need is out there. Places like are a great place to start in taking those first steps to getting support, and if you are even considering it and are scared or hesitant for whatever reason (I know I was) please take this as a sign to go for it. You will not regret it. Remember, you’re not alone in this and how you feel.

And the songs I picked to accompany it?

Went a nbit metaphorical there, but I think they reflect my passion and love of 70s music and great metaphors and overall messages.

Let me know what you thought of the reading, and of the words. Have they helped you? Made you feel not alone?

C x

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