Pretty in Pink

Anyone who loves pink as much as I do will be overjoyed to find out it's all over the runway this season. All over the high street too. Ebay. Depop. Pinterest. Wardrobes. Anywhere you can shop, you can get your grubby mitts on some of the world’s best colour (source, me).

So, what is it about rosé that makes me cheeks go so rosy?

I don’t know, but I know I’ve been in love with it for as long as time. Pictures of me as a wee baby show I was just as obsessed with it then, and one distinct memory I have is of on my 5th birthday party, my best friend at the time Kirby told me she was changing her favourite colour from pink to yellow, deeply affected me- I was shook.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete Elle Woods (there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with that tbh), but I do appreciate a good bit of blush. It’s so versatile! Soft and feminine or hot and bold, it can work with pretty much any other colour to create a clashing yet striking outfit.

Below are my top picks from the web all about the pink.

This dress is so soft and prairie girl, the ruffles are the perfect addition without making it to over the top! It’s a wearable length too; not too short in this chilly, biting weather, but not too long that it makes people with short legs (me) be put off by it. This pink tone itself would work on a wide variety of skin tones as well as it is quite neutral.

This jumper *barely* counts as pink but I do love it. I have one a bit similar and let me tell you, it feels and looks like you’re wearing a marshmallow (in a good way) (how could that ever be in a bad way?). Also, pockets. Wear with dungarees for a relaxed look or on top of a leather midi skirt (or any other midi skirt, actually) for something a bit more dressy or work appropriate.

Mango have come out with one of the most gorgeous mixed print shirts this season. In a very on-trend pyjama style, imagine walking down the street on a warm spring day in this floaty light top, a pair of mules and white jeans! The pink isn’t too overwhelming for a pink-virgin (oh, the shame!) and the style of it is so versatile. Jeans, cords, shorts if you’re brave, midi skirt, or under a pinafore.

Okay, so, I work as a fashion stylist. Old news there. But, I do get paid to give my opinion on clothes. And in every appointment I have possibly ever had, I’ll recommend this shirt in every colour. I promise I’m not sponsored by Whistles, but this shirt is so floaty but structured, so well-made, it fits pretty much every shape like a dream, and my big word of the day is versatility. And guess what? It’s versatile as heck! Actually, I just realised, I’m wearing it in white as I type!

I made Caveman noises as I saw this skirt. That is my reaction to a must-have piece of fashion. God, it’s bloody lovely. Not going to lie, I’ve kind of fallen out of love with topshop as I’ve grown older, but this skirt really is something else. Daytime, team with sandals and converse or white trainers. Night time, a sexy wee silk vest and wedges. Or stilettos, if you’re brave (I’m not).

This wrap top in dusky rose is gorgeous to wear with the midi skirt above3 for a spring fresh look, or more formal with nice tailored trousers and a pair of brogues. So soft and comfortable.

Yes! I want to be woken every day for some champagne… anyone willing to oblige? A statement tee is a must have in any wardrobe. Wear with a maxi or midi skirt, or under dungarees for a softer look.

Yas! Another slogan! Girl power! Seriously look at this shirt everytime I need some motivation.

These are the trousers of my dreams. Nuff said.

Okay a slightly more laidback look, these PJs are on the list because they look so soft and comfortable and cute and ugh they’re adorable. Imagine these, waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, light coming in around the curtains, so tired and warm under the covers.

I have this coat and the colour suits everything. It’s nice and oversized but not quite the complete streaker look.

Oh these shoes are something else. I have a similar pair from the Nike x Liberty collection but these, with the leopard print in them, are perfect for whatever you like. Certainly not the gym for me.

Cute, subtle, perfect for everyday.

The red in this bags clashes with the pink perfectly. The size is perfect for everday outings or going out-out and because it’s so simple and clean-lined you can wear it with any style of clothes.

Oh gosh the embellishment on this is lovely!

Gah!!!! So cute with the strap!

Lots of pink love hearts!

C xx

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