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So, imagine this. It’s a nice Saturday. You’re getting ready for a fun day shopping or brunching or just chilling with your friends. You’ve had a stressful week at work, you cannot be arsed with putting an effort into your outfit. Maybe you’re hungover. Probably, you’re hungover. You throw on the good and faithful jeans, and a t-shirt or blouse. Pair of converse or trainers. And you feel comfy. Then, you look in the mirror. What the hell? You think. Last night, you looked, to put it frankly, like a peng ting. Gorgeous. 13/10. Lovely. Now… you’re feeling a little bland. Then, you spot them. Sitting there, on the table. Beautiful, gleaming in the light. Maybe they’re fringed, maybe there’s gems in them. Maybe, you love the classic hoops. Those earrings which will elevate any look. They’re gorgeous.

Here’s my curation on the web of the best statement earrings!

These beauties are the perfect kickstarter to this collection. The green is vivid and will compliment most complexions, and imagine how amazing the chain will look when you dance!

Love these so much! What a twist (pun intended!) on the classic tortoiseshell earring.

Tortoiseshell gets another honourable mention in this post! It's so versatile and goes with any colour or any outfit and adds a retro inspired look of glam!

This twist on the classic hoop is a must-have for any outfit! I love love love how they look like wavey water.

Okay so I had a pair like these for aaages but like all of my earrings, they end up in the elephants graveyard of earrings which is my bedside table drawer, one missing. They were amazing and gorgeous and everybody complimented them and my parents roasted them (which is the sign of a successful fashion statement in my books). LOVE.

Annnddd continuing in my obsession for cheese-plants and everything botanical like the typical millennial I am are these stunners which look like a cross between the planstagram instagram tag and also my 5 year old cross-stitching patterns. For some reason, I love them.

Vintage inspired costume jewellery that looks like little sweets. Nuff said.

These look like they're out of a pop art painting? The blue is a lovely colour and will go so well with anything navy in your outfit.

Release your inner star with these sexy little things! Love the glitter!

Although pink reigns true in my heart and always will, I still wear a helluva lot of yellow and mustard. SO much so, in secondary school a friend called me 'Mean Mrs. Mustard' (In case you hadn't guessed, I was part of the art freaks who were obsessed with the Beatles and Morrissey). Anyways back to the earrings. These are nice.

So minimal. So gorgeous. So bloody sexy. Just look at the curves on it.

So there are a few Oliver Bonas sets on here just because for me they are a major player in the 'cute earrings' industry. These are dangly, colourful, quirky and lovely overall. Perfect for the spring with a floral midi skirt or dress and converse.

Finally, these and variations on the dangly pebble style are everywhere because they're glamorous, eye catching and versatile.


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