Summer Sales! The best of fashion!

Hi poppets!

So, it’s one of my favourite times of year. The suns out but my skin isn’t blistering in just a few minutes of exposure, it’s warm but my hair isn’t a là Monica Geller in the Caribbean (aka frizzy as heck), and, it’s Summer Clearance.

Twice a year we are blessed from the clothing Gods with the righteous ceremony of elbowing and shoving fellow bargain hunters in the war-torn wasteland that is shops at this time. It is sale season.

Except... what if, maybe, you didn’t have to sharpen your dagger-sharp passive-aggressive stare (in preparation to gaze into the backs of fellow sweaty shoppers heads)? What if, maybe, there was an easier way to do it? With a glass of wine perhaps, or a mug of tea, or whatever takes your fancy?

Alas, the days of online shopping are upon us and I bequeath to you, fellow lazy couch surfer, the best bargains and finds throughout the online world.

Sit back and relax, dear reader. Things are going to get floral.

It's almost like Warehouse was tipped off with the name of Taylor Swift's new album here... this would look perfect with a midi skirt! Or flared jeans and converse.

I. Love. This. Prairie girl shit. It has pockets, too! It could be dressed up or down, with converse and a canvas bag and pretty headscarf for city days or strappy sandals and lipstick if you're going out with the girls!

This pattern is intense. That is all.

Perfect for weddings or afternoon tea!

A staple for any wardrobe, can be worn with jeans and a good pair of sandals or a midi skirt or just about anything. Even under a pair of dungarees!

Do I really have enough midi skirts? Yes. Yes I do. But the thing is, I wear them all. The. Time. I love it. This would have such a good swish factor when you're walking. Because of the colours you can wear whatever you want with it!

70% off? Need I say anything else?

So eye-catching, again, like everything I talk about and own, it can be dressed up or down! Trainers or wedges, the choice is yours (trainers, most likely for me...)

I actually have this dress and boy do I love it! Its so soft and easy to wear!

I love the clashing of the prints and colours and it would look so cool with the embellished shirt above, or a white-shirt, or a chunky jumper in the winter!

So for quite a while I've been looking for a plani-ish midi skirt, one without pattern at least but still with some personality, to wear with all of the floral blouses I own (aka a lot) and I think I've found it! Boden did one very similar in their AW18 campaign and I bought it in mustard and always regretted not buying it in the navy (I would've but my bank account had other ideas...).

I love the quirky detailing down the sleeves as well as the fact it can be worn with so much, accessories wise- a perfect base for a stunning outfit!

There we have it! If you have any suggestions, I’d be more than happy to hear them!

Till next time, lovelies

C x

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