The End of a Decade

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, this week marks the last week of not just this month, this year. OF. THE. DECADE.

That's right, lovelies, 10 whole years have passed since 2009. The teens, the decade of technological freedom and prison, of politics and omni-shambles, of global warming but also of happiness, moments of togetherness and solidarity of the human race, is over.

What have you done with this time?

I remember New Years Eve, 2009/10, standing, aged 12 in the middle of the desert in the Middle East, about to wave in my birthday on the 1st of January. I thought, as 12 year old me did, of the next 10 years ahead of me- literally all of my adolescent and teenage years piled into one neat subcategory, and all of the excitement and adventures that lay ahead.

At 12, I dreamed of a career in fashion, or art. I thought I'd be super cool in school, I'd suddenly awaken at 13 looking pretty and feminine and delicate, not the boisterous adolescent I felt like. I thought I'd be super cool and the popular one in class, that I'd have boyfriends and be successful in love and romance. I even wondered where I would be in 10 years- at 22, I thought, that felt like a millenia away- I would be a grown up, an adult! I would've even finished university! It felt so far but looking back, it's gone by so fast.

Well, it's been a mixed bag of results. But I'm happy it turned out that way because that's what life is.

Career in creative arts? In fashion? Check. Popular at school? Nah, not really. But you had friends you could count on and who you shared the same interests in, and that's what counts! I went through so many phases and subcultures, and yes, even boyfriends, although that took a little bit longer than I expected...

I'm finding it really hard and struggling with the thought of the end of the decade. This decade is most of my memories, all of my teenage years and all of my adolescence too. I entered this decade a fresh faced 12 year old, smelling of campfire smoke and wanting to be my own person, so confident and so cool. And, I may not be cool now, but that's okay- I have such a stronger sense of self, my own sense of style and the type of friendships and relationship I have, I could not have even imagined having them back then.

I'm saying goodbye to this decade, to teenage Ciara, and to my old self. I'm growing up.

32, turning 33, feels miles away. It feels like a millenia away again. And, like when I was 12, I have certain ideas and wants and dreams for the next ten years. These ten years are going to be my young adulthood! These years are for partying and settling down, enjoying my life with friends and people close to me. I'm really looking forward to them, but if I've learnt anything from the last decade, it's that it'll go by in a flash. And, don't wear drop-waist dresses.

Thank you, the teens. You've taught me so much about myself.

C x

Dress- H&M

Shoes- Carvela

Hairclips- ASOS

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