The Headband Trend That Just Isn't Going Away (And why I'm happy about that!)

How do you elevate an outfit, when you're fully dressed? How do you make a dress look more glamorous or make a pair of jeans perfect for wearing out for drinks? How do you frame your face in a way that could be cutesy, demure or sexy?

Why, it's only my favourite trend of course!

And, I'm SO thankful it's more than just a trend. Trends only last a couple of months, or a season, hence why they are trends. As someone who knows a bit about this kind of thing once said, 'Fashion is for a season, style is eternal'. I'm pretty sure that's the direct quote.

But, the point I'm trying to make is, it's sticking around. Headbands are sticking around. And there's a very good reason why.

It's such a broad scope, you can literally make headbands out of basically anything and in any style, so they really appeal to anyone. Think not just of the velvet, padded or pearl ones that have been floating around on the high street, but think of endless possibilities to suit anyone's unique style. Barbed wire? Sure! There's probably one on Etsy.

I LOVE headbands. I actually have a bit of an (embarrassing) backstory with them- when I was a young teenager I would wear them every single day to school as it was the only way I could express my unique style in my school uniform. I even called myself the Queen of Bows. Flair for the dramatic, me? Never.

So, yes. They're ever so wonderful to wear and they really are they way to finish your outfit off and also make you look perfectly put together as well. If you're having a bad hair day, horrendously hungover or just not feeling your outfit, a headband is a great way to dress yourself up and feel instantly glam.

My prediction is trends within headbands will come and go; pearls in the future will be seen as a mark of 2019/20, maybe even velvet too. But I'm super excited to see what the future has in store- just looking at some of the more extravagant designs from more high-end retailers like Anthropologie has me jelled to see if that filters down, like sequins, embroidery and graphic designs. Not just cool patterns but images like leopards too! My faves are below, from around online. But tailor them to you! Get one in your favourite colour or a colour you wear a lot of, to match your style. Or you could buy one in a completely contrasting colour to make it pop! I think that a simple plain pearl or black velvet one is a great staple to start with, or if you don't want to be too noticeable. Basically, the possibilities are endless and I love that!

C x


Jeans- Whistles

Top- Zara (with a cami under from Primark)

Headband- Primark

Earrings- ASOS

Boots- Marks and Spencer

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