The Highlight Reel Effect

I've done a post similar to this a couple of months ago regarding social media and the impact it has on people-

I feel like I would like to go more in detail on the ‘highlight reel’ concept as it's called, and the highlight reel effect which happens on everyone, especially young people.

Social media, as we all know, is viewed by everybody and anybody.

It could be your ex stalking your Instagram, it could be your future employers looking you up on Facebook.

It could be your mother, your father, your friends, your family, strangers, even the people you meet on dating apps- they're all looking at you and your social profiles. They are judging you based off of the content you put into the world, and the reason why you and I both know this is because we do the same. Everyone does it.

So, it's obvious the pressure that we feel, that anybody feels, to only post good things to make your life look good.

You want to make your life that great. You want to show the world that you're having a great time that your life is happy.

That you’re content, that you got the promotion at work. Not that you spent three hours late every day for a month or two in the office, working your way up.

You're going to show them that you got a new dress, not that the fact that you had to go into your overdraft to pay for it, but it will be soooo worth it because of the new floral wall you’re going to have 100 pictures taken in front of in a rooftop bar in the city, only to edit and upload one.

You're going to show them the new pet you got. Not that you only got it because you're feeling lonely at the moment.

You're going to talk about your friends, the ones you're close with at the moment, not the ones that you've fallen away from recently.

Social media is such a tricky thing. It's so new, and only really had such a big impact on our lives the past 10 years or so.

Therefore, we don't know to the fullest extent the damaging effects it has on young people's minds by constantly only showing them the highlight reel. Everybody, especially celebrities, are pressuring people by telling them that their lives aren’t good enough, that they're not having a great time all the time.

Therefore, they're inadequate.

They're inadequate because they're not buying the right clothes or jewellery or weight loss supplement because they're not leading the right lifestyle.

However, I feel by curating my social media and the content I publish to cover every bit of my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly that it's a step in the right direction to enable people to see that everybody has off-days and nobody lives a perfect life.

Everybody has shit days at work. Everybody feels ugly.

Occasionally, everybody goes into overdraft.

Everyone is sick, even food poisoning.

And most importantly, people have mental health issues.

I feel like it's really important to talk about these kind of things, from the big issues in society to the mundane, everyday things because they will happen to all of us.

My life isn't just hipster bars, boutiques and nice clothes.

My life is anxiety. My life is cooking meal prep for lunch the next day at work. My life is commutes on the tube that are long and annoying.

My life is the good and the bad and even the ugly, like everyone else’s.

The anxiety, sometimes sleepless nights, the panic attacks, and so much more.

The hugs, the happiness, the celebrations. The good times and bad. Friends, relationships and finding myself in my twenties. Struggling to find my way in a big city. Sometimes feeling like I’m conquering it, sometimes feeling like I’m drowning in it.

So I feel like by doing this I am showing people that It's okay to have a mundane life- everybody does. And I feel like more influencers and celebrities should do this, to promote normality and help stop the feeling of helplessness and overwhelming pressure on people (youths especially) that the highlight reel presents.

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