The New Aussie Hemp Haircare!

So as you all know, I have frizzy as fuck hair.

It is incredibly frizzy and annoying- it's the Irish me.

It's as thick as... something that's extremely thick (I couldn't think of an analogy, sorry).

It's incredibly curly and incredibly annoying. It's impossible to tame- I've always had it and I presume I always will.

It's been a massive hassle to me- especially in the years gone by when I was a teenager and it was all the rage to have extremely poker straight GHD straightened hair- I was the odd one out with a puffball.

I've grown it long, I've chopped it off for charity, I've had very short hair, I've had medium length, I've had everything in between- I've bleached it, dyed it pink, purple, red, black (for several years) and even blue.

And I mean nothing seems to get rid of the frizz.

Growing up in a very hot country with a lot of humidity- it was the worst. So recently, I've embarked on a haircare journey, as it were to try and see what would work for me.

Obviously I was within a budget I don't have millions to spend on Bumble and Bumble hair products as much as I want to- I think I might treat myself in the future though.

However, I did experiment with Brazilian blow-drys for a bit (I'll talk about that later. But long story short, my hair fell out) and it did provide momentarily relief.

However, I decided to go down a more natural option instead of getting formaldehyde which isn't an FDA approved, blow dried at a high temperature on to my head which gave me an asthma attack from the fumes that were coming off of it.

I recently saw Aussie had a new hemp range, which for me looked pretty good. I love the health benefits of hemp and I've always been a big fan of Aussie- my mum uses it religiously.

She uses the everyday one however, they've never had an anti-frizz one before so I haven't felt the need to buy any of their things because for me the main attraction of a shampoo or conditioner will be the anti-frizz qualities.

I tried john Frieda in the past and haven't found it to effective. I've tried Tresemme (how do you spell it?!). I've tried a bunch of other ones that are all off the high-street. I haven't tried anything too outlandish price-wise but I've always been a bit disappointed.

So when I saw the Aussie one I jumped at the chance to to buy it. I was on holiday at the time with my mum and my sister and I bought it.

I went home and I washed my hair that day- which is quite unusual for me- usually I don't wash it that much (as those of you with curly and thick hair know you don't need to wash it as often as people with finer hair).

The Aussie Calm the Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a classic Aussie bottle with a pretty funny illustration on the front that definitely shocked the bejesus out of my mother. It has extract of Australian hemp seed in it for frizzy hair.

I went home and I washed it. My first impressions were of the shampoo that it was nice texture. It was very creamy and it had a really nice smell to it, but I found that I needed a lot more than usual to coat my hair and get into a lather.

Not that that's an issue, it just probably means I'll be buying more of it. However, I felt the effects right away in the shower- it was really nice and it made my hair feel very clean, massaging it into the scalp was such a lovely feeling.

Then I used some the conditioner. Now the conditioner itself was very almost moussy and was very thick. And, again it smelled delicious. It was absolutely fantastic.

I really liked how it made my hair feel after just coming out the shower it was nice and glossy.

And just part of my usual routine, I tend to put my hair in plaits after I shower (I always wash my hair in the evening because it takes quite a few hours to dry).

So putting it in plaits allows it to achieve a natural curl effect for a couple of days- I don't like to use heat products on my hair as much as I did when I was younger.

And I found that when I took it out it was amazing. Not completely frizz-free, that's nothing short of a miracle, but there was a very, very dramatic reduction in the frizz and it was smoother, more glossy. Basically I felt like I was in a shampoo and conditioner advert.

It definitely kept the frizz away for a few days, probably not as long as I'd like- I'd probably have to wash my hair more frequently in the future to see a continual effect like this, but it is an amazing place to start. I found that overall it was great for the frizz and especially trialling this at the heat of summer, when humidity is at its peak.

It was fantastic! I'll just have to see how it works with hat-hair come winter.

Check out their links here and here for more info!

C x

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