What International Womens Day Means to Me

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It’s International Women’s Day!

A day that means so, so much to me.

I’ve been battling the patriarchy and inequality literally since I can remember being put into the year below’s rugby group in rugby with a friend of mine because we were girls, when I was 10.

Since then I’ve learnt that being outspoken about women’s rights in the Middle East is a very interesting thing to do, especially when your white British male (straight) counterparts seem to be opposing you. Even some of your female counterparts too. What can I say? I guess it was ingrained in them.

They gave me the award of ‘ Most Hardcore Feminist ‘ at my senior prom, and the only thing I could think was ‘Why the f is that even an award?! Shouldn’t we all be one?’. I’ve gotten into countless arguments with my own family and friends over what should be such a simple thing- equal rights and pay for all, but sometimes they don’t see that quite the same as me.

I’ve literally tattooed on my own thigh the feminism symbol made out of flowers, because the symbolism of something so powerful being made out of something so traditionally feminine means the most to me. And I thought the act of tattooing it on myself was pretty awesome too, the biggest middle finger to the people who prefer oppression that I could think of.

So, yes. Today means a lot to me. It means I was right. Every time I stood up to misogyny, I was right. I was brave enough to do so. I am so, so proud of myself and any other person on the globe who shuts one person down, or stands up for themselves. I am on the right side of herstory.

I understand that I come from a point of privilege in this society, being white, but this is a fight everyone needs to be in on, to win it for everyone. And every single woman out there, regardless of whether you are not white, disabled, queer, trans or whatever other bull reason people can think of to be prejudiced against you, deserves equality. We’re still fighting today, but never, never, never give up.

C x

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