What Podcasts do I listen to?

Okay, so I have a confession to make. Up until very recently, only a few months ago really, I was a very bad millennial.

I didn’t listen to any podcasts.

I mean, occasionally I would listen to a grisly murder one in the car with my parents but that’s about it.

Then, I decided to become educated.

Well, that’s a complete lie. I didn’t decided to become educated as much as I stumbled into the world of podcasts for two primary reasons- my love of indie music and my possibly even greater love of dirty jokes. All will become clearer later, I promise.

I have for the past two years, listened to Radio X religiously. It is absolutely hilarious, they play the best music and have the best presenters- I listen to Chris Moyles while I get ready for work, Johnny Vaughn and Gordon Smart to keep me company in the evening and then on the weekends too. While I’m single, and Nata is at work or out which really is a lot as our lives run in different schedules, it’s a way to keep loneliness and silence at bay.

ANYWAY sorry I went completely off topic.

So I started to hear the presenters advertising a free podcast of the best bits of their radio shows of the week, so naturally I downloaded it for my journeys on the tube.

I’d heard a lot of my friends talk about listening to podcasts, like it was a hobby.

Something to educate yourself about the world with, something to have some intellectual conversation about. This seemed like something I should be doing, I thought, as my anxiety made me want to be the best version of myself. This itself is a good thing; but the anxiety I felt around this made it a crushing pressure. I feel like my attitude to them has changed now, I listen to them because I want too not because of the social pressure to be cultured and cool and to be able to say in a conversation on a date ‘I heard this in a podcast...’.

So I dived head first into the world of podcasts, Radio X first.

And I loved it!

It was relaxing and calm and I genuinely enjoyed listening to my favourite presenters chat.

And from there my love grew! Until now where I have a steady few I listen too every week and ones I dip in and out of and one I binge-listen too (it’s so funny I’m on the tube laughing out loud).

They’re great for commuting, gymming (not that I know anything about that, but I imagine so), I listen to them a lot when I’m at home chilling, drawing or painting or cooking or anything else I love where I need something on in the background.

I also feel like in my selection below I’ve got one for everyone. From murder mysteries to feminism to a sci-fi fantasy to mental health- I have so many different interests and they’re all represented below.

So, here are my faves!


My Dad Wrote a Porno

I can only describe this as by far the funniest thing I have ever listened too, it beats out most films and tv too. Crying with laughter, screaming out ‘oh my god!’ And ‘what the fuck!’ Have all been staples of my listening. I listened to the first season in about a week, whenever I had a spare moment.

It does what it says on the tin; presented by Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine. Jamie’s dad literally wrote an erotic novel and they read it together, ripping it to shreds in the process.

A choice quote is-

‘Jim Thompson went to get more drinks and the girls started to finger and discuss the merits of their own nipples’

Aaaannnnndddddd I’ll leave it at that to leave my blog relatively PG.

So yes. Please if you take one thing away from this, and appreciate a bit of smutty humour, give this a listen. I’ve put a bit below so you can sample it (listen with headphones!).


Happy Place

Listening to Happy Place is like the audio equivalent of wrapping yourself in a blanket with rain hitting the windows and a cup of hot tea next to you. It’s calming, soothing and even better, genuinely interesting.

Listen as Fearne Cotton and celebrity guests (who, through the podcast, you learn are real people), delve into the meaning of happiness, how they achieve it and what it means for them. It also talks a lot about mental health which I’m passionate about and I’m happy it’s educating everyone on it too!

Each episode is an easy to digest 45mins to an hour, and it’s done in a very relaxing way, usually with the interview happening in one of their homes. My favourite episode is the latest (at time of writing) with Dolly Alderton, one of my favourite people in the world.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella’s podcast is all about wellness. You could say it’s about being vegan, but you’d be wrong because it’s actually about eating well. It’s about mental health, our bodies, our minds, even our environment and how they all function. It’s fascinating listening to different professionals relevant to the topic at hand talking about it, and Ella and her husband Matt are great hosts too!

The episodes are really empowering, too.

As a woman and a human it’s fantastic to listen to how our bodies work and how our minds run, and how interlinked they are with each other and also with what we eat, what we do and our environment too.

My favourite episode is probably ‘How to Build a Brand’ featuring the creator of not on the high street and her story.

The High/Low

Ah, back to Dolly Alderton. One of my favourite humans, she is brutally honest, true, hilarious and overall just a person I aspire to be like.

She presents the High/Low with her good friend, Pandora Sykes who is equally as inspiring.

It’s a feminist current affairs podcast, lasting an hour a week, it features their unique take on the weeks events in politics, media, news and more. They recommend essential reading, music (usually Rod Stewart thanks to Dolly’s obsession) and so much more.

Their takes on what has happened in the world are usually honest with a twist of humour and they have great chemistry together. Overall this is essential listening.

Radio X- Various

I feel like I’ve already ranted and raved about them a hella lot, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. My favourites are Chris Moyles and the team and Johnny Vaughn's 4-7 thang. They’re funny, witty and interesting conversations (these podcasts are super long too, featuring literally hours of content so you never really run out).

Welcome to Nightvale

This Sci-Fi comedy is something I’ve listened to the longest, quite literally since I was 16 years old. I’ve even been to see the live show!!

I can’t even begin to describe how weird and out there it is- it follows a local radio show presented by a lovely gentleman called Cecil in a town in the desert (Night Vale) but all is not what it seems. Floating cats, disappearing people, angels that do not exist and so many more things that make it fascinating to listen too- you actually think you are there.

*comes out twice weekly, but I listen to it as soon as it's out.

Every so often

Quite frequently I’ll listen to Lore and They Walk Among Us, both definitely horror podcasts. Lore focuses on the grizzly truths behind common folklore and TWAU follows true crime stories. I won’t listen to them religiously weekly like the ones above but I will listen a fair bit. They’re good if you’re in need of a good story to follow- like on a train journey or car ride.

What I want to listen to next

I really want to get into The Guilty Feminist as I’ve heard rave reviews about it. This comedy podcasts chats with a panel about all things related to the F word and it sounds really inspiring as well as funny (as you can tell, I enjoy being on the tube and laughing out loud like a crazy person).

So there we go, dear readers!

If I’m not writing or taking photos I’m definitely listening to a podcast!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated as always-

C x

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