Why I Hate My Birthday

Little over 23 years ago, my mum went into labour on New Years Eve, and out popped me a little over 24 hours later on New Years Day.

And I have quite an annoying birthday. Here's why.

I quite often celebrate it on New Years Eve and have a relaxed birthday day.

New Years Eve is great to go out- it's the biggest night of the year. So big in fact, that people feel quite a lot of pressure to have a brilliant time, and if you don't you're a complete failure. And I feel that more than anyone, because it's my birthday.

Also, because it's New Years Eve, a lot of people have a lot of plans with family and other friends, and it means my options are quite limited because friends often have plans months and months in advance.

AND because it's New Years Eve, my birthday is the MOST hungover day of the year. Everyone is clamouring round like zombies, but I'm ready to party! It's my birthday!

I just feel like, it's quite often forgotten about because of the day it's on and people (my family included) quite often have other plans.

This year is the first year I'll have spent it with family in 5 years. And yes, I'm looking forward to it, but my parties for my friends are going to have to be in the middle or end of January because of waiting for people to get back.

Rant over. I just want to celebrate my birthday in style, with people I love! Is that too much to ask?

C x


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Top- Warehouse

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Hairclips- ASOS

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